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Mindset Coaching


Luz Cuadro

Business Woman

"Having someone honest who tells you things tactfully and at the same time makes your insides churn, who encourages you, who supports you, who makes you see the best in yourself, and always hits the nail on the head with her questions, is not easy. Thank you Chantal, my Personal Coach, for accompanying me on this part of the journey that has made me grow and achieve things that I really didn't think were still possible, let alone in the time that I have achieved them".

Joseph Aguila

Student/Professional Athlete


"What I have not achieved with psychologist and other experts, I have achieved with you. My life has changed. I have regained confidence in myself and little by little I am returning to being the gifted athlete I was before. Not only that, but everything else is going so much better - school, my family, my friends. Coaching with Chantal has been an incredible experience when I had almost given up all hope of ever getting back to playing and being the man I was before. With her coaching and mind power tools she has given me back what almost everyone was trying to take away from me, CONFIDENCE and SUPPORT. Thank you!"



Public Relations

I loved my coaching sessions with Chantal.She helped me out a lot in a difficult moment in my life and thanks to her I can now see the possibility of taking advantage of this challenging situation I was going through to grow and improve as a person. She also reminded me how important it is to listen and believe in oneself and bring out the inner strength that we all have inside. Thank you Chantal.

Terry Wickware

Ottawa, Canada

Undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience on how to find happiness through personal growth. Chantal gives you powerful tools, guides you and helps you redefine how to face life's challenges and how to grow as an individual. I couldn't be happier with the results and I am very optimistic about how I will continue to create and experiment with my life and my future.

Rachel Playfair

Mother Tongue S.L.


I was quite happy with my work life but I wanted to address some issues and thought it would be an idea to have a good coach by my side. I saw an article written by Chantal and I didn't hesitate to hire her as my coach. We did the sessions over the phone. It was great and I started noticing changes in my professional life right away. Chantal asked very good questions that made me reflect a lot on some habits I had and helped me to find my blocks and how to unblock them

She gave me good strategies and homework for the periods between our coaching sessions. For me, it was a massage for the mind and in the end I achieved impressive things, not only in my professional life but also personally. Maybe I don't have all the answers yet but with the tools I have now I’m on the right track to my desired future. I highly recommend Chantal if you are looking for a good coach!"

Willy Arellano Rodriguez

Barcelona, Spain

Thanks to the lessons and coaching exercises masterfully taught by Chantal my life has changed radically in less than two months. It has been impressive to see and experience how everything I have wished for and asked for has been fulfilled and all this with simple practices and exercises.

I found Chantal to have a kind and compassionate approach while being professional at the same time…all I can say is that she certainly has a way of leaving her mark. Thank you again Chantal for your patience and perseverance with me! It has certainly paid off!


Let's Hear From Another Client

At first I thought of resorting to a psychologist, but I remembered that some time ago someone had explained to me:

"If you want to overcome traumas or problems from your past, go to psychologist, but if you want to improve your future, turn to coaching". 

This made me think of Chantal, and it was a good choice: we have done a total of 8 sessions between May and December (first weekly, then monthly and then 2 follow-up sessions), in which I have learned about empathy, compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, trust and mental traps. These concepts, examples and practices (yes, you are going to have to do homework) allowed me to get to know myself better and understand my reactions. Chantal also provided me with powerful tools to achieve a better version of myself:

- Not judging (I changed my tendency from judging to curiosity: why did John say this? How did Susan come to that conclusion?)

- Letting go of control (it's ok if you don’t always follow the plan, sometimes when you improvise even better experiences await).

- Mindfulness: it turns out that in the past I was not very observant and this made me less empathetic and consequently, less patient. Mindfulness has been great for me.

I still have a long way to go, I have not become the most patient person in the world by magic, but now when I start to get nervous because I am getting impatient, I detect it, and I resort to the "tricks" that Chantal has taught me: am I judging, am I trying to control the situation, am I paying attention, do I take a deep breath...and it works for me.

If you have a "little flaw" that you would like to work on, I recommend Chantal wholeheartedly as a coach, it has worked for me.

Thank you Chantal!!!”



Female Entrepreneur

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