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Mental Health Coaching

Helping you design a more exciting and meaningful future

Become Curious About Your Current And Future Self

Get Specific On What You Want From Life And Why

Tweak Your Habits To Get The Best Out Of Your Day

About Your Coach

I am a licensed spiritual healer, coach and intuitive. I have a degree in communications and training in CBT, ACR, Brainspotting and person-centered approaches to mindfulness and coaching techniques. I am a certified life coach and spiritual counselor, specializing in emotional wellness and have practiced professionally for over 15 years. The focus in sessions is to build emotional intelligence, resilience and wellness through mindfulness and coaching techniques to restructure mental patterns for greater clarity and joy. I love to work with people on their healing journey and I offer a safe, creative and loving approach to healing and transformation in a caring and compassionate way. 

Book an Online Complimentary Chemistry Session

How is online life coaching different from in-person coaching?

Coaching is a powerful conversational technique designed to help you get specific results in life. You and I don’t need to be in the same room for that to work well.

As an online life coach, it’s unlikely we’ll ever bump into each other. Clients often tell me that me being so far removed from their physical lives makes our work all the more powerful. It means we can build a relationship that’s open and sufficiently detached at the same time.

Life coaching online also makes it possible to record your sessions. You can watch and re-watch yourself, tapping into some of the momentum you felt during the session. Watching and listening to yourself talk offers an unusual meta-perspective, as well as a wonderful way to – pardon the pun – zoom out.

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